The prize for the investigative journalism “Dusko Jovanovic”

The Foundation “Dusko Jovanovic” from Podgorica, is established in the memory of the brave journalist and the persisting actuator of the investigative journalism in Montenegro Dusko Jovanovic (1964-2004).The prize for the investigative journalism “Dusko Jovanovic” is awarded for the achievements in the investigative journalism, which are the contribution to the discovery of the truth about the relevant facts and the ways of life and work. It also contributes in combating the anomalies and social deviations in Montenegro and in the world. The prize is international and it shall be rewarded every four years.
This is the fourth annual prize, and it is international and it will be awarded on the 27th  May 2011. The works which are reported for the contest should be published or broadcasted till the 19th April 2011.
The rights to enter have the media, scientific institutions, journalists’ organizations, non-governmental organizations, professional journalists and the students of journalism from all around the world.
The deadline for the applications is on the 19. 04. 2011
Only one investigative work or the serial on the same subject can be entered. The applications for the investigative journalism from the world should be in English. With the application the private person should pay €50, 00; associations should pay  €120, 00 and the students are freed from the taxes. All payments, on this ground, will come into the found for the Prizes.
The Prize is consisted of the Charter of the Foundation, the golden portent and the cheque of  €20.000,00.
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