The Journalism Ethics Commission restarts its work

iliyaTwelve new members of the National Journalism Ethics Commission will start working in January. Among them is Iliya Valkov, journalist from “Darik” radio, member of AEJ-Bulgaria”.

The Commission will look into claims for violations of the Ethical Code of Bulgarian Media, accepted in 2004. Its functions would also embrace the issuing of recommendations for good professional standards. The Commission is said to act as a mediator between the media and the civil society. Other new members are: Boyko Vasilev (Bulgarian National Television), Gena Traykova (BTV), Daniela Trencheva (Nova Television), Ivan Bedrov (Club Z), Vesislava Antonova (Capital), Nevena Pramatarova (Bulgarian National Radio) and Ivaylo Tzvetkov. The following media experts would also be part of the Commission: Attorney-at-law Alexander Kashamov, Prof. Neli Ognyanova and Assoc. Prof. Raina Nikolova, Petya Mironova – chairman of the Ethics Commission of the Union of Bulgarian Journalists. A call for nominations was sent over to more than 500 media, media organizations and other journalistic organizations. AEJ-Bulgaria was also among the invited.
The twelve members were selected by the council of the founders of Foundation “National Council for Journalistic Ethics”. Members of the Foundation are representatives of the Association of Bulgarian Radio and TV Operators, the Union of Publishers in Bulgaria, the Union of Bulgarian Journalists and the Center for Media Development.
The Journalism Ethics Commission was initially formed in 2005 and until recently it was divided into two separate sub-commissions – commission on the ethics in print media and commission on the ethics in electronic media. Starting from 2015 all claims would be considered by one and the same commission that would have a huge journalistic and expert representation. This decision was taken after an analysis of the recent practice in the self-regulation field was done as well as of the development of media environment in the last 9 years and after thorough consultations with journalists and media experts.
AEJ-Bulgaria declares its support of the newly elected Commission. We hope that the decisions to be taken would be beneficial to the media environment in the country and would prove to be a high ground for the reestablishment of the self-regulation in the sector.

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