The European society must show that it is stronger than terrorism

The Association of European Journalists-Bulgaria expresses its outrage with the terrorist act in the the Paris office of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.
This brutal attack which led to the deaths of 12 people is a violation of the freedom of expression and the whole system of fundamental European values. In this regard, the assault on Charlie Hebdo is a terrorist act, aimed at the society as a whole.
The French authorities, but all of us, as citizens of the EU must firmly support the choice that we have already made – to build a pluralistic, multicultural community, where everyone is free to live according to their own principles. As long as those principles do not breach the commonly accepted rules and do not lead to stirring up hatred or risking other peoples rights and lives.
In the name of the values that unite us in our common world we rely in the authorities that the ones responsible for this barbaric act and their supporters will be persecuted and severely punished. However, it is important that we do not let them fulfill their general aim – to divide the European society.
We are confident that this time Europe will find the strength needed to confront everyone wanting to draw her away from the path, taken in the last decades – the one leading to long-term peace on the continent that not long ago became a victim of the most dreadful mass bloodsheds in the human history.

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