The Association of European Journalists-Bulgaria Organizes a Conference on Media Startups in Central and Eastern Europe

Is Journalism (R)Evolution possible? Save the date: November, 12th, 2018. The old business model in journalism is broken. Print advertising dollars are being replaced by digital advertising cents, which has led to decline in newspaper circulation and advertising profits. There is an increased demand to “do more with less” be it manpower, resources, or time. Moreover, technology has changed the way we produce and consume news. Now, anyone with a smartphone in hand and good internet connection could be a reporter. Is there an innovative business model, which could be applied in Bulgaria? In the era of fast and fake news, could good journalism be sustainable? What is the new news ecosystem? What’s the role of the public and the audience? We have invited some media entrepreneurs and journalists who have started their own online publications in Central and Eastern Europe. • Inge Snip is a multimedia journalist and communications consultant, currently working with Coda Story as a social media editor. • Tomáš Bella is the co-founder and web director of Denník N, an independent online daily in Slovakia, focused on long-form high-quality journalism. • Jakub Gornicki is one of the founders of the Polish media startup Outriders, which offers original international reporting. • Jelena Vasic is an investigative reporter and one of the founders of the Serbian investigative portal KRIK. • Vlad Ursulean is a Romanian reporter experimenting with digital tools and community engagement. He is also one of the founders of Casa Jurnalistului (known as The Journalist’s House (in English), a collective of independent reporters based in Bucharest, Romania. The event will take place at Sofia Event Center, (Paradise Mall). The attendance is free but you must register until 15:00 on November 11, 2018. Follow the website of the conference for more information about the guests and the program. The event is supported by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom in Southeast Europe and the America for Bulgaria Foundation

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