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International free expression groups call Turkey’s repeal of emergency laws a...

A permanent state of emergency by any name is no substitute for respecting human rights The AEJ is one of over 40 freedom of expression...

Turkish journalists: In prison or in exile

“Every morning, my father would write his article, get dressed, and go to court [because he had been summoned]. And nobody found his daily visits surprising. I thought that all fathers stopped by the court before they went to work.” These words belong to Ahmet Altan, a prominent Turkish journalist and writer, who shares his impressions about his father, Chetin Altan, one of the pioneers in Turkish journalism. In an article, Ahmet Altan describes his father’s arrest after the military coup in Turkey on 12 March 1971, summarizing the situation in the following way: “They [the coup plotters] put him in jail because he was writing articles.”

AEJ protests against seizure of Zaman newspaper in Turkey

The authorities‘ abuse of Turkey’s anti-terrorism laws to brand the work of journalists and other critical voics as assisting terrorism is absurd and must be ended at once.

State of the media in Turkey, or why the country is...

The difference between Erdogan and his close friend and former Prime Minister of Italy Silvio Berlusconi is that the latter became prime minister after he was already a media mogul, while it is quite the opposite with Erdogan - he became prime minister and only then bought some media.