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Bulgaria drops to 106th in the 2015 World Press Freedom Index...

Reporters Without Borders define the pressure exerted on media reporting on issues of the bank sector by state financial regulators (see more) as the main reason for the ongoing drop in the ranking.

Romania's media landscape – so near and yet so far

What kinds of problems exist in the country, which occupies the 45th spot on the Reporters Without Borders ranking list?

Bulgaria drops drastically in World Press Freedom report of Reporters Without...

Bulgaria dropped dramatically in the world press freedom ranking of Reporters Without Borders from 70th to 80th place in 2011-2012. The country ranks last among the other EU states, sharing the same index with Serbia, Chile and Paraguay. According to the NGO, Bulgaria fails to address the issue of their media freedom violations, above all because of a lack of political will.

Reporters Without Borders worried about phone-tapping in Bulgaria

Reporters Without Borders says that it is worried by proposals put forward by members of the ruling party Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria (GERB) to reform the law relating to defamation.