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AEJ Open Letter asks Polish ministers to shelve ‘hasty’ plans for...

The AEJ expressed deep concern that the proposed radical shake-up of Poland’s public TV and radio services would lead to ‘systematic editorial bias’ in favour of the Law and Justice Party, which won a majority in both of Poland’s chambers of parliament in October’s general election.

New Forms of Pressure: Rumors and Slаnder Against Journalists

The "Pressure culture" in the Bulgarian media is on the rise. There are stable tendencies of control and restriction of media pluralism, evidence of which can be observed in the survey on the freedom of speech in Bulgaria for 2015.

AEJ-Bulgaria is deeply concerned by the lawsuits led against its members

The Association of European Journalists – Bulgaria (AEJ-Bulgaria) is seriously concerned and fears that yet another attempt to intimidate journalists with court proceedings is...

The closure of “Presa” and “Tema”- another alarming signal about the...

The news about the closure of the two media causes a strong concern about the status of journalism in the country.

Seminar on media transparency and independence for German-speaking journalists

From September 15 to 26, SSM Sächsische Stiftung für Medienausbildung (Saxon Foundation for Media Training) is organising a seminar in Leipzig for journalists from...

Media scholarship for attending a conference in Copenhagen

Women Deliver’s 4th Global Conference, taking place 16-19 May 2016, invites international journalists interested in health, rights, and well-being of girls and women. More than 2000 organizations from 150 countries are expected to participate.

Working with data and doing transborder investigations: tips and trends

How journalists from different parts of Europe and the world can connect online and work together on large-scale investigations with impact far beyond their countries' borders?

AEJ-Bulgaria holds a conference on innovative journalism

The conference is targeted at journalists as well as communication experts, students in journalism, representatives of the NGO sector and also civil society activists who are excited by the latest trends in digital media.

AEJ-Bulgaria kicks off its third national survey on the freedom of...

Тhe survey covers problem areas such as internal and external pressure on the media, self-censorship, working conditions.

Why the new EU directive on trade secrets protection is a...

Safeguards for freedom of expression and information are considered to be inadequate for journalists or whistleblowers as they would have to proof that a disclosure of a „trade secret“ lies in the public interest.