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Two million Bulgarians look for health-related information online

Close to two million Bulgarians look for health-related information online. According to data from the National Statistical Institute, 63% of all Bulgarians have access to the Internet and 45% of these use it to find information about medical specialists and other health-related matters.

Being a Journalist: The State of the Profession

Prepared jointly by the Association of European Journalists – Bulgaria (AEJ-Bulgaria) and the Media Democracy Foundation, “Being a Journalist: The State of the Profession” is the first report analyzing the journalistic profession in Bulgaria with the help of media anthropology. The data was collected in February – July 2017 through interviews with 30 journalists coming from different parts of the country and representing all types of media who shared their diverse work experience.

Professional journalism is the best antidote to fake news

Quality, professional journalism is the most effective tool for addressing the already well-known phenomenon of fake news. This is the key point shared by the...

Association of European Journalists refutes “groundless smears” by Bulgarian MEP

The Association of European Journalists (AEJ) rejects the groundless allegations and a threat of legal action against AEJ-Bulgaria, the association’s Bulgarian section, made by Nikolay Barekov, a member of the European parliament. We demand that Mr Barekov should refrain from using gratuitously insulting language about AEJ-Bulgaria and withdraw his completely unfounded claim that AEJ-Bulgaria sought to serve the interests of his opponents, whom he called ‘thievish oligarchs’. Further details are here.

Bulgarian Tech Company SHYN Wins Funding from the Digital News Initiative

SHYN is the first Bulgarian technological company to win funding from the Digital News Initiative (DNI) – a three-year initiative worth EUR 150 million which Google launched two years ago to encourage innovations in journalism and help the media survive and prosper in the digital age.

2016 according to the media experts

“How should I know what I think before I have seen what I want to say?”, goes a saying frequently cited by media experts. How can we understand the role of the media in today’s world when they increasingly represent the interests of the political and corporate elites? How can we talk about trust and values when traditional understandings and norms take a course of their own or are carefully and skillfully directed by sophisticated manipulators of people’s fears? In 2016, a year of massive divisions, “the magic bullet” of propaganda ran not only through the traditional media, but also online. The social media grew from a public opinion laboratory into a driver of disinformation and the spread of fake news. The media produce news we can do without. What is the role of the audience which has seemingly given in to the “magic flute” of fear and hatred and prefers to remain sheepishly silent when the media transform personal tragedies into nationwide mourning.

“Fake news” named word of 2016 by Macquarie Dictionary

The Australian Macquarie Dictionary has selected “fake news” as the word of 2016.

The media should wake up to the realities of the information...

The politicization of the media environment over the past few years has made it more difficult for journalists to do their job. A lot of people describe present-day developments as a propaganda or information war between the representatives of various interests and ideologies.

Irina Nedeva Takes Over as AEJ-Bulgaria’s Chairperson

Irina Nedeva takes over as chairperson of the management board of the Association of European Journalists – Bulgaria (AEJ-Bulgaria), replacing Kristina Hristova, who has been running the organization since it was founded six years ago.

AEJ protests against seizure of Zaman newspaper in Turkey

The authorities‘ abuse of Turkey’s anti-terrorism laws to brand the work of journalists and other critical voics as assisting terrorism is absurd and must be ended at once.