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Applications Open for 2017 Balkan Journalism Fellowship

Experienced journalists from Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania and Serbia are eligible to apply.

2016 according to the media experts

“How should I know what I think before I have seen what I want to say?”, goes a saying frequently cited by media experts. How can we understand the role of the media in today’s world when they increasingly represent the interests of the political and corporate elites? How can we talk about trust and values when traditional understandings and norms take a course of their own or are carefully and skillfully directed by sophisticated manipulators of people’s fears? In 2016, a year of massive divisions, “the magic bullet” of propaganda ran not only through the traditional media, but also online. The social media grew from a public opinion laboratory into a driver of disinformation and the spread of fake news. The media produce news we can do without. What is the role of the audience which has seemingly given in to the “magic flute” of fear and hatred and prefers to remain sheepishly silent when the media transform personal tragedies into nationwide mourning.

The media should wake up to the realities of the information...

The politicization of the media environment over the past few years has made it more difficult for journalists to do their job. A lot of people describe present-day developments as a propaganda or information war between the representatives of various interests and ideologies.

“Who is behind the media?” – a workshop that incubated new...

Why do some media have the need to hide their ownership in faraway Caribbean States? Why some journalists are afraid to sign their name? Is the money for government advertising a means of bribery and control of the media?

AEJ Bulgaria condemns the brutal beating of Stoyan Tonchev

If the beating is related to publications in Tonchev’s website, this would constitute a severe violation of the freedom of expression and the right to information of the Bulgarian society.

New Forms of Pressure: Rumors and Slаnder Against Journalists

The "Pressure culture" in the Bulgarian media is on the rise. There are stable tendencies of control and restriction of media pluralism, evidence of which can be observed in the survey on the freedom of speech in Bulgaria for 2015.

AEJ-Bulgaria is deeply concerned by the lawsuits led against its members

The Association of European Journalists – Bulgaria (AEJ-Bulgaria) is seriously concerned and fears that yet another attempt to intimidate journalists with court proceedings is...

Censorship shall not be met with counter measures of the same...

Ukraine's decision to portray journalists as national security threat threatens freedom of speech in the country and the fragile balance after the war. The Association...

How to improve your qualification as business journalists?

If you would like to do an investigation as a journalist, you should follow the money. Too often this trace is complicated and tangled, it leads to offshore accounts, related parties, sophisticated schemes. This is only one of the aspects of business journalism that requires in-depth analysis of economy and understanding of financial data. If you would like to improve your skills in business journalism, here are some opportunities that are going to be useful:

The closure of “Presa” and “Tema”- another alarming signal about the...

The news about the closure of the two media causes a strong concern about the status of journalism in the country.