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AEJ puts Bulgarian section’s chairwoman Irina Nedeva in charge of efforts...

The delegates attending the 2017 annual congress of the Association of European Journalists (AEJ) mandated Irina Nedeva, chairwoman of the Bulgarian section, to coordinate...

Professional journalism is the best antidote to fake news

Quality, professional journalism is the most effective tool for addressing the already well-known phenomenon of fake news. This is the key point shared by the...

AEJ-Bulgaria calls for media boycott of politicians who threaten journalists

The Association of European Journalists – Bulgaria (AEJ-Bulgaria) calls on all Bulgarian journalists and media professionals to stand with Viktor Nikolaev, the host of the morning talk show of Nova Television, who received threats from representatives of the ruling political parties on air on October 6 (Friday).

MEP Nikolay Barekov Blames Journalists for His Own Sins

The Bulgarian politician and MEP (ECFR Group), whose name is involved in hiding taxes and plundering millions of leva from the Corporate Commercial Bank, or CCB, which collapsed in 2014, has dared to accuse journalists for his own sins.

Sensationalism Dominates the News Flow in Bulgaria, AEJ-Bulgaria Study Shows

Crimes, disasters, and accidents tend to occupy a central spot in the news in the most popular TV stations and online media in Bulgaria, creating “a catastrophic agenda”. Sensational headlines and negative news dominate the news flow, while the scandalous and the extraordinary are practically absent from the content of the news reports themselves. The publication of authorless stories and the reuse of information from other media, often without credit, is a widespread practice online.

AEJ-Bulgaria Condemns the Attack Against TV Journalist Ivo Nikodimov

Nikodimov was attacked by three people in a central park in Sofia earlier on Tuesday. The attackers escaped immediately. Although the reasons for the attack remain unknown, it is extremely alarming that a prominent TV journalist can be subjected to aggression in broad daylight

An AEJ-Bulgaria Member has been Selected in the Youth Advisory Board...

Daniel Penev, a freelance journalist and a member of the Association of European Journalists – Bulgaria (AEJ-Bulgaria) has been selected in the youth board of the Index on Censorship.

AEJ-Bulgaria Condemns Peter Nizamov-Perata’s Attack Against a bTV Cameraman

The Association of European Journalists – Bulgaria (AEJ-Bulgaria) condemns the aggression toward a bTV cameraman by Peter Nizamov, known as Perata. Nizamov hit our colleague Peter Dzhanavarov while the latter was filming the protest in the town of Asenovgrad on 2 July.

Turkish journalists: In prison or in exile

“Every morning, my father would write his article, get dressed, and go to court [because he had been summoned]. And nobody found his daily visits surprising. I thought that all fathers stopped by the court before they went to work.” These words belong to Ahmet Altan, a prominent Turkish journalist and writer, who shares his impressions about his father, Chetin Altan, one of the pioneers in Turkish journalism. In an article, Ahmet Altan describes his father’s arrest after the military coup in Turkey on 12 March 1971, summarizing the situation in the following way: “They [the coup plotters] put him in jail because he was writing articles.”

Over 70 organizations urge Turkey to restore press freedom

Over 70 organizations, including the Association of European Journalists (AEJ), Article 19, PE International, European Federation of Journalists, Reporters Without Borders, Global Editors Network, ad Human Rights Watch (HRW), delivered a joint statement on the deteriorating media climate in Turkey at the 34th UN Human Rights Council session in Geneva. They called on the international community to press Turkey to end its emergency law limits on free speech before the referendum on sweeping changes to the Turkish constitution on 16 April.