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AEJ Bulgaria condemns the brutal beating of Stoyan Tonchev

If the beating is related to publications in Tonchev’s website, this would constitute a severe violation of the freedom of expression and the right to information of the Bulgarian society.

Call for Entries: Documentaries on Human Rights

Documentary filmmakers with a focus on human rights are called to submit their work to an international film festival in Ukraine. From March 25 –...

A lot of work left to be done: The Commissioner for...

Following a visit in spring, the Commissioner for Human Rights of the European Council published a new report on the human rights situation on...

The war on freedom of expression: stories from Paris to Bahrain

Their experience with various forms of brutal repression shared Ali Abdulemam, founder of "Bahrain Online", Khalid Albaih, Sudanese cartoonist, who became famous at the outbreak of the Arab Spring, Farida Nekzad, founder of EIC Wakht News Agency in Afghanistan and Annabel Hernandez, Mexican investigative journalist and writer.

Hate speech case law: evolution in Europe, deadlock in Bulgaria

Racist, homophobic and xenophobic speech is not something new not only for Bulgarian politicians but for the media too.

Contest recognizes freedom of expression

The Index on Censorship Freedom of Expression Awards honor individuals fighting to speak out in the dangerous and difficult conditions.

Freedom of expression, access to information and the protection of secrets...

Alexander Kashamov, attorney-at-law, head of the legal team of Access to Information Programme On 30th June 2014 the MP Jordan Tzonev put forward in the National Assembly a text suggested by the Bulgarian national bank (the Central bank) that was looking to criminalize a certain type of disclosure of information in regards to banks and other financial institutions. Two days later, on 2nd July 2014, this bill was swiftly voted and passed by the legal parliamentary commission. There was neither a public discussion initiated nor was an assessment of the need of such amendment of the legislation or any estimate of the impact of the new provisions made.

Murder is a criminal offense, not a reality show

The Association of European Journalists-Bulgaria calls on journalists not to increase the distress and suffering of relatives and acquaintances of victims when covering grave human tragedies, such as the recent murder of a child in Pomorie. We recall that this is not only a human duty, but also a fundamental principle of journalistic ethics.

Refugees in the media

Hereby we present you the main recommendations from the joined meeting of journalist and experts on the subject “How do we cover the refugee...

A culture of pressure and self-censorship dictates the Bulgarian media landscape

The results of the latest AEJ Bulgaria survey of the freedom of speech provide further justification on the motives for the ongoing anti-oligarch protests...