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Victoria Marinova's case: Media is obliged to provide accurate information and...

The Association of European Journalists – Bulgaria hopes that justice will be delivered for the perpetrator of the grave crime against the TV presenter...

Hate speech case law: evolution in Europe, deadlock in Bulgaria

Racist, homophobic and xenophobic speech is not something new not only for Bulgarian politicians but for the media too.

The EU elections in the international press: key moments and intentional...

In addition to selfie, this year the English language was enriched with the word Spitzenkandidaten, or The Leading Candidates. Those are the persons – usually the leaders – who a political party nominates in advance for the highest position for which it competes in elections.

Hate Speech – the Slang of Populism

Predictably, the European elections on May 25th gave yet another illustration of “hate speech” firmly establishing itself as a communication tool. Even citizen initiatives, like the promotion of electoral activity, fell prey to this trend.

AEJ-Bulgaria approaches the prosecutor’s office with a hate speech case

The Association of European Journalists – Bulgaria (AEJ) calls for the Sofia regional prosecutor’s office to investigate a case of racist and hate speech in a...