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“Avrianism” – the definition of the Greek media oligarchy

It is a common saying in Greece that in their negotiations with politicians Greek oligarchs do threat to “set up a media” if they do not receive what they want.

AEJ protests against new arrests of journalists in Turkey

The Turkish authorities, by carrying out the latest wave of arrests of a large number of journalists, have crossed a line which is rightly seen as ’out of bounds’ in any democracy.

A plea to the state authorities to support the responsible and...

It is necessary for the state to sustain a distinct state policy of no-compromise and refusal of support of media that are explicably violating ethical standards, the national legislation or common European values.

More than half of the Bulgarian journalists are subjected to political...

More than half (52%) of the journalists in Bulgaria admit that political pressure is continuously exercised upon their media. More than 30% say that they themselves were pressured by politicians. Owners, on the other hand, are not denying those worrisome facts.

Romania's media landscape – so near and yet so far

What kinds of problems exist in the country, which occupies the 45th spot on the Reporters Without Borders ranking list?

Hate speech case law: evolution in Europe, deadlock in Bulgaria

Racist, homophobic and xenophobic speech is not something new not only for Bulgarian politicians but for the media too.

Bulgaria: The banks and the media, or where is the watchdog...

The metaphor “Media is the watchdog of democracy” is widespread in the English speaking countries. The so-called “Watchdog journalism”, or journalism that watches over the community interest, which often is in contradiction with private interests, is part of the idea of the fourth estate, monitoring the actions of the other three estates.

Freedom of expression, access to information and the protection of secrets...

Alexander Kashamov, attorney-at-law, head of the legal team of Access to Information Programme On 30th June 2014 the MP Jordan Tzonev put forward in the National Assembly a text suggested by the Bulgarian national bank (the Central bank) that was looking to criminalize a certain type of disclosure of information in regards to banks and other financial institutions. Two days later, on 2nd July 2014, this bill was swiftly voted and passed by the legal parliamentary commission. There was neither a public discussion initiated nor was an assessment of the need of such amendment of the legislation or any estimate of the impact of the new provisions made.

The Criminal Code amendments in favor of the bank sector equal...

Association of European Journalists – Bulgaria (AEJ - Bulgaria) firmly objects the admittance by the Commission on legal issues of the National Assembly of the proposal for amendment of the Criminal Code submitted by the MP Jordan Tsonev.

Hate Speech – the Slang of Populism

Predictably, the European elections on May 25th gave yet another illustration of “hate speech” firmly establishing itself as a communication tool. Even citizen initiatives, like the promotion of electoral activity, fell prey to this trend.