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MEP Nikolay Barekov Blames Journalists for His Own Sins

The Bulgarian politician and MEP (ECFR Group), whose name is involved in hiding taxes and plundering millions of leva from the Corporate Commercial Bank, or CCB, which collapsed in 2014, has dared to accuse journalists for his own sins.

A Regional Media Outlet in Bulgaria May Lose its Domain in...

The existence of the only online media outlet in the town of Novi Iskar (14 km north of Sofia, Bulgaria’s capital city) is under threat after Daniela Raycheva, the mayor of the capital district of the same name, has decided to challenge the media’s use of the domain name NOVIISKAR.BG. As an official, Raycheva has requested an arbitrary procedure with Register BG Ltd., the organization in charge of registering domain names with the extension .BG.

Turkish journalists: In prison or in exile

“Every morning, my father would write his article, get dressed, and go to court [because he had been summoned]. And nobody found his daily visits surprising. I thought that all fathers stopped by the court before they went to work.” These words belong to Ahmet Altan, a prominent Turkish journalist and writer, who shares his impressions about his father, Chetin Altan, one of the pioneers in Turkish journalism. In an article, Ahmet Altan describes his father’s arrest after the military coup in Turkey on 12 March 1971, summarizing the situation in the following way: “They [the coup plotters] put him in jail because he was writing articles.”

Over 70 organizations urge Turkey to restore press freedom

Over 70 organizations, including the Association of European Journalists (AEJ), Article 19, PE International, European Federation of Journalists, Reporters Without Borders, Global Editors Network, ad Human Rights Watch (HRW), delivered a joint statement on the deteriorating media climate in Turkey at the 34th UN Human Rights Council session in Geneva. They called on the international community to press Turkey to end its emergency law limits on free speech before the referendum on sweeping changes to the Turkish constitution on 16 April.

2016 according to the media experts

“How should I know what I think before I have seen what I want to say?”, goes a saying frequently cited by media experts. How can we understand the role of the media in today’s world when they increasingly represent the interests of the political and corporate elites? How can we talk about trust and values when traditional understandings and norms take a course of their own or are carefully and skillfully directed by sophisticated manipulators of people’s fears? In 2016, a year of massive divisions, “the magic bullet” of propaganda ran not only through the traditional media, but also online. The social media grew from a public opinion laboratory into a driver of disinformation and the spread of fake news. The media produce news we can do without. What is the role of the audience which has seemingly given in to the “magic flute” of fear and hatred and prefers to remain sheepishly silent when the media transform personal tragedies into nationwide mourning.

Media Regulation and Self-Regulation in Germany

While in Bulgaria the debate around the self-regulation is heating, we would like to turn your attention to Germany and its well-functioning media system. In case you need an inspirational model, here are the basic institutions of freedom of speech in the biggest European economy:

Fellowship in Washington for journalists interested in democracy

Journalists who wants to deepen their understanding of democracy and enhance their ability to promote democratic change are invited to apply for the Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellows Program, organized by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED)

Why the new EU directive on trade secrets protection is a...

Safeguards for freedom of expression and information are considered to be inadequate for journalists or whistleblowers as they would have to proof that a disclosure of a „trade secret“ lies in the public interest.

The war on freedom of expression: stories from Paris to Bahrain

Their experience with various forms of brutal repression shared Ali Abdulemam, founder of "Bahrain Online", Khalid Albaih, Sudanese cartoonist, who became famous at the outbreak of the Arab Spring, Farida Nekzad, founder of EIC Wakht News Agency in Afghanistan and Annabel Hernandez, Mexican investigative journalist and writer.

The European society must show that it is stronger than terrorism

In the name of the values that unite us in our common world we rely in the authorities that the ones responsible for this barbaric act and their supporters will be persecuted and severely punished. However, it is important that we do not let them fulfill their general aim – to divide the European society.