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Response to MEP Nikolay Barekov’s Comments about AEJ-Bulgaria

We are going to defend our rights in court, we would notify our international partners and address the European Commission and the European Parliament.

European Journalism – trainings, traineeships, opportunities for development

AEJ – Bulgaria starts series of publications with useful information and opportunities for training and development of journalists in various spheres. We encourage you to take a look at various traineeships, programmes, grants and scholarships, appropriate for journalists, who cover the European topics.

Where is the EU in the Bulgarian media campaign for the...

The obvious answer to the question “Where is the EU in the media campaign for the European elections?” in regards to Bulgaria is that it is non-existent. However, beyond the evident, interesting processes and tendencies in the affairs of media and the behavior of politicians (which is a subject of a different analysis) are revealed.

Seminar “2014 European Elections: this time is different” for EU journalists

The event primarily aims to raise awareness of the biggest questions surrounding the 2014 EP elections, and stir debate on the future of the EU.

The war between Bulgarian publishers by no means should be transferred...

The Association of European Journalists – Bulgaria (AEJ) acclaims the concern about media freedom in Bulgaria, expressed by the EU-Commissioner Neelie Kroes.

EU officials acknowledge their weakness in protecting media freedom

“I will always speak up for media freedom when it is under threat in EU member states and put political pressure on governments”, Neelie Kroes, the EU commissioner told a seminar organized by the Association of European Journalists (AEJ) on May 8 in the European parliament. But Ms Kroes admitted that the European Commission does not have the legal right to intervene when freedom of expression rights are broken.

The European Parliament award for journalists has been announced

The European Parliament will award its Prize for Journalism in 2011 for the fourth time. It will be awarded to journalists who have covered major European issues or promoted a better understanding of the EU institutions and/or EU policies.