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Europe Day: Are we going to allow the EU to be...

Fake news dominates the agenda on the eve of Bulgaria’s Presidency of the Council of the EU

Journalism competition: Reporting from Afghanistan

The M4D Projects invites journalists and photographers to show the world that Afghanistan is way more than only a war-shaken country. It has a...

Petition against new „EU-directive on the protection of undisclosed know-how and...

The Association of European Journalists –Bulgaria supports petition against new „EU-directive on the protection of undisclosed know-how and business information“. In case comes into action journalists and their sources could be sued by companies if they reveal what these companies want to keep secret. Unless we react to defend the investigative work of journalists and, by extension, the right for citizen to be informed.

Portraits of media lynch laws

In times of elections the misuse of information becomes frequent, the compromises are growing rapidly and are equal to the numbers of the candidates as the role of the media becomes more important and responsible. In the beginning of the year the groove marked because of political and economical differences among the publishers is getting more profound with the advent of a new media union (Bulgarian media union) and the acceptance of an alternative journalist code. There are two camps of mutual rejection that formed.

Register for National Encounter on Media Diversity Inclusiveness and Journalism Training...

The National Encounter on Media Diversity Inclusiveness and Journalism Training - London (United Kingdom), 11-13 June 2014 will cross media literacy and journalism training approaches to contribute to diversity inclusiveness as a regular approach in the daily media work and support the pairing of participants to get involved in the European Exchanges of Media Practices (EEMPs).

The Problems of Bulgarian Media Are Already a European Problem

Bulgaria has a problem with transparency of media ownership and financing. The society does not know who (really) owns the media, or how are they financed even when it comes to public funds - either Bulgarian or European.

International blogging competition focuses on water recourses

Online competition for journalists, students and bloggers on topics related to water has been announced. TH!NK5 Water is an initiative of the European Journalism Centre and is inspired by World Water Day - March 22.

The European Parliament award for journalists has been announced

The European Parliament will award its Prize for Journalism in 2011 for the fourth time. It will be awarded to journalists who have covered major European issues or promoted a better understanding of the EU institutions and/or EU policies.