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Bulgarian society has been deprived of the opportunity to be informed...

The Association of European Journalists-Bulgaria (AEJ-Bulgaria) is concerned that the Bulgarian society has been deprived of the opportunity to be objectively informed in order to take its decision on the upcoming national referendum on the development of nuclear energy.

AEJ – Bulgaria has a runner-up award Human of the Year...

The Association of European Journalists - Bulgaria (AEJ - Bulgaria) took a runner-up award Human of the Year 2012 of the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee (BHC) on Monday. The award is dedicated to outstanding contribution to human rights and was presented on Human Rights Day, December 10, during a ceremony in Sofia.

AEJ-Bulgaria is concerned about a case of pressure applied on a...

AEJ insists that the public authorities investigate the case of Mr. Spassov because we are convinced that regardless of the fact that the message he received does no contain explicit threat, it is a clear attempt of intimidating a journalist and forcing him to stay silent.

AEJ-Bulgaria team participated in a journalist visit to Northern Cyprus

Three members of the Association of European Journalists-Bulgaria were part of an AEJ delegation to North Cyprus between 16th and 20th of April. The invitation for this came from the local Press Union Basin-Sen. The European journalists’ delegation was formed by representatives of Austria, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Italy, Romania, UK, Turkey, Belgium, France and Spain.

Grants are provided for media legal protection NGOs

The Media Legal Defence Initiative (MLDI) is accepting proposals from organisations across the world who seek funding for legal assistance or litigation activities that safeguard or advance media freedom.

Bulgarian media sector starts a discussion on future press regulation

The main topic of the debate was whether self-regulation can guarantee the high quality of the media sector in Bulgaria, or some form of regulation has to be introduced in order to improve the value of journalism. If we opt for regulation, what exactly should we regulate and by that legislative means?

Bulgarian Media in 2011: Substantial Investigations and Pseudo journalism

The Association of European journalists – Bulgaria prepared a rating of the best and the worst in the Bulgarian journalism in 2011.

A letter of solidarity with journalists in Hungary

AEJ-Bulgaria sent a letter of solidarity with journalists in Hungary to one of the biggest Hungarian daily newspapers Népszabadság.

Report: The political career of Boiko Borissov is a media product

A dangerous rapprochement between media and politics in Bulgaria has been observed in 2009-2010. This is one of the conclusions of a report, drafted by foundation „Media Democracy” in collaboration with foundation “Konrad Adenauer”. The report was presented at the annual conference “Media and Politics” .

Dutch journalists join forces to report voluntarily on personal stories

Dutch journalists based around the world, working for many different news organisations, have joined forces to deliver a new sort of news website. One11.nl will focus on what individuals are doing to help solve many of the problems that the journalists report on a daily basis.