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Criticizing Anti-Pandemic Measures and Policies Cannot Be a Ground for Prosecution

The Association of European Journalists – Bulgaria (AEJ-Bulgaria) follows with anxiety the authorities’ attempts to seek responsibility from citizens who have expressed critical opinions...

An AEJ-Bulgaria Member has been Selected in the Youth Advisory Board...

Daniel Penev, a freelance journalist and a member of the Association of European Journalists – Bulgaria (AEJ-Bulgaria) has been selected in the youth board of the Index on Censorship.

AEJ Open Letter asks Polish ministers to shelve ‘hasty’ plans for...

The AEJ expressed deep concern that the proposed radical shake-up of Poland’s public TV and radio services would lead to ‘systematic editorial bias’ in favour of the Law and Justice Party, which won a majority in both of Poland’s chambers of parliament in October’s general election.

Shedding light on media ownership in Bulgaria: 6 necessary steps

A progressive improvement of the consumer-media relation is a key issue for improving the confidence crisis of mass media in Bulgaria.

New Forms of Pressure: Rumors and Slаnder Against Journalists

The "Pressure culture" in the Bulgarian media is on the rise. There are stable tendencies of control and restriction of media pluralism, evidence of which can be observed in the survey on the freedom of speech in Bulgaria for 2015.

German journalists accused of treason for leaking documents

A German blog covering digital issues and surveillance was accused of treason because they leaked secret state documents on plans to observe social networks....

State of the media in Turkey, or why the country is...

The difference between Erdogan and his close friend and former Prime Minister of Italy Silvio Berlusconi is that the latter became prime minister after he was already a media mogul, while it is quite the opposite with Erdogan - he became prime minister and only then bought some media.

Unprecedented bureaucratic censorship applied on Bulgarian media

The Bulgarian financial supervision commission is turning into a harsh regulator of the freedom of journalistic expression. A record high fine of 160 000 leva...

Romania's media landscape – so near and yet so far

What kinds of problems exist in the country, which occupies the 45th spot on the Reporters Without Borders ranking list?

Freedom of expression, access to information and the protection of secrets...

Alexander Kashamov, attorney-at-law, head of the legal team of Access to Information Programme On 30th June 2014 the MP Jordan Tzonev put forward in the National Assembly a text suggested by the Bulgarian national bank (the Central bank) that was looking to criminalize a certain type of disclosure of information in regards to banks and other financial institutions. Two days later, on 2nd July 2014, this bill was swiftly voted and passed by the legal parliamentary commission. There was neither a public discussion initiated nor was an assessment of the need of such amendment of the legislation or any estimate of the impact of the new provisions made.