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Corporate Journalism Dominates Bulgarian Media Sector

“Corporate journalism” as it is called in Bulgaria undermines the credibility of most media and creates distrust among journalists. This one of the conclusions about the media sector in Bulgaria, drawn by the Vienna-based South East Europe Media Organisation (SEEMO).

Bulgarian media sector starts a discussion on future press regulation

The main topic of the debate was whether self-regulation can guarantee the high quality of the media sector in Bulgaria, or some form of regulation has to be introduced in order to improve the value of journalism. If we opt for regulation, what exactly should we regulate and by that legislative means?

AEJ-Bulgaria is looking for examples of both high-quality and pseudo journalism...

Which are the journalistic pieces of work that manipulate the public opinion in favour of the public powers or in favour of individual intеrests? And which are the articles that focus on original and socially important issues, showing thinking out of the box?

AEJ- Bulgaria demands the country's Prosecutor's Office to start an investigation...

To Mr.Boris Velchev, Prosecutor general of Bulgaria Copy to: Mass media representatives Dear Mr. Velchev, The Association of European Journalists – Bulgaria (AEJ) demands the country's Prosecutor's Office...

Bulgarian mass media's uncomfortable relationship with power

The Bulgarian information system shows serious and structural problems: lack of transparency on properties, centralisation of newspapers, economic and political pressure on journalists. In recent years the situation has been getting worse

Inequalities in the access to media discredited the electoral campaign in...

The inequalities in the access to media experienced by different candidates and parties raise serious doubts on the fairness of the electoral campaign for...

Bulgaria according to “Media and Democracy” report

There is a rather widespread practice of indirectly subsidising the media in Bulgaria through state advertising; this is particularly true of money coming from...

There are no words of hatred in both Bulgarian and Macedonian...

The language used in Bulgarian media when speaking of their neighboring country Macedonia (FYROM) does not contain any words of hatred.

Reporters Without Borders worried about phone-tapping in Bulgaria

Reporters Without Borders says that it is worried by proposals put forward by members of the ruling party Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria (GERB) to reform the law relating to defamation.

Bulgaria appears in AEJ’s Media Freedom Reports for the first time

The latest Media Freedom Reports form all member countries of AEJ has been released. This is the first time that reportage from Bulgaria has been included.