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Bulgarian Media in 2011: Substantial Investigations and Pseudo journalism

The Association of European journalists – Bulgaria prepared a rating of the best and the worst in the Bulgarian journalism in 2011.

Journalism prize "Writing for Central Europe"

The prize is aimed at encouraging European integration. Awards come into question for those contributions which help overcome borders and prejudices, deal with the future of Central Europe or the Europe of the regions, or minority issues or dialogue with neighbours.

EU Journalist Award "Together against discrimination!"

To be eligible, articles must have been published in print or online media in the EU between 18 September 2010 and 10 November 2011. All entries must also be submitted online via the EU Journalist Award 2011 website.

The 2011 Edition of the Anna Lindh Journalist Award

Submitted works should tackle intercultural issues between and within Euro-Mediterranean societies, ranging from minorities, migration, integration and identity to religion and cultural traditions.

EU Health Prize for Journalists 2011

The Prize will reward journalists who have contributed in a significant way to help citizens understand health issues, and through their work reflect patients' and health workers' expectations and thoughts. There will be a special prize for articles on "smoking cessation".

The prize for the investigative journalism “Dusko Jovanovic”

The rights to enter have the media, scientific institutions, journalists’ organizations, non-governmental organizations, professional journalists and the students of journalism from all around the world.