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The war between Bulgarian publishers by no means should be transferred...

The Association of European Journalists – Bulgaria (AEJ) acclaims the concern about media freedom in Bulgaria, expressed by the EU-Commissioner Neelie Kroes.

AEJ-Bulgaria team participated in a journalist visit to Northern Cyprus

Three members of the Association of European Journalists-Bulgaria were part of an AEJ delegation to North Cyprus between 16th and 20th of April. The invitation for this came from the local Press Union Basin-Sen. The European journalists’ delegation was formed by representatives of Austria, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Italy, Romania, UK, Turkey, Belgium, France and Spain.

EU officials acknowledge their weakness in protecting media freedom

“I will always speak up for media freedom when it is under threat in EU member states and put political pressure on governments”, Neelie Kroes, the EU commissioner told a seminar organized by the Association of European Journalists (AEJ) on May 8 in the European parliament. But Ms Kroes admitted that the European Commission does not have the legal right to intervene when freedom of expression rights are broken.

Inequalities in the access to media discredited the electoral campaign in...

The inequalities in the access to media experienced by different candidates and parties raise serious doubts on the fairness of the electoral campaign for...