Rest and refuge scholarship in Berlin

Rest and refuge scholarship is a new project run by Reporters Without Borders Germany and taz Panter Foundation, which is a non-profit organization linked to die tageszeitung (taz), the daily newspaper in Berlin.The organizers invite journalists from countries in crisis or war to stay in Berlin for up to three months. 
Applications are accepted from journalists who need a time out from their difficult working conditions. This might be the case after covering stories in an oppressive environment or after covering stories in war or unrest.  Or journalists who feel the need to lie low awhile and get out of the view of state security because of their journalistic work.
Travel expenses, a decent apartment, pocket money and free transportation in Berlin for up to three months are included in the scholarship. Participants may completely withdraw from public life, use the time for writing or thinking, or they may want to explore political life in Berlin.
Participants have to be able to communicate in basic English or in German. Participants should have a relevant working-experience as journalists. They must have the intention to return to their country after three months. In order to apply they have to send a letter explaining their situation and a CV until the 30th of June to: [email protected]  More information is available here.

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