Response to MEP Nikolay Barekov’s Comments about AEJ-Bulgaria

The Association of European Journalists – Bulgaria (AEJ-Bulgaria) has issued a position defending colleagues from national television TV broadcasters, who were subjected to pressure by Nikolay Barekov, MEP from the European Conservatives and Reformists Group.
In reply to our position, we received a press release from Mr. Barekov which we have published further below without revisions.
It is up to the public to decide whether it is acceptable for a Member of the European Parliament to address a journalistic organization in this particular manner. We are going to defend our rights in court, we would notify our international partners and address the European Commission and the European Parliament.
We  would like to remind the fact that the Association of European Journalists – Bulgaria is а part of a European organization with over 50 years of history which has sections in more than 30 countries. AEJ is an independent observer to the Media Steering Committee of the Council of Europe and an official partner organization to the Platform for the Protection of Journalism and Safety of Journalists of the CoE, together with organizations such Reporters Without Borders, Article 19, CPJ, Index on Censorship, the European Federation of Journalists and many others.
The full version of Nikolay Barekov’s response (some minor changes have been made due to lingusitc specifics):
Today the Association of European Journalists, known only to the two women-bosses of fake news factories Stoyana Georgieva [Editor-in-Chief of Mediapool] and Galya Prokopieva [Editor-in-Chief of Capital] and behind which hides one private individual – the oligarch Ivo Propokiev [publisher of Capital] dared to slander me.
I would like to stress that, unlike the oligarchs, defended by those paid urinals [in Bulgarian jargon equivalent of “bootlicker” or “servant”], I do not owe even a lev to the state. I have paid all my taxes to the last cent – both on my personal profits and for the purchase of my house – confirmed with an inspection act of the State Revenue Agency following a five-year revision back in time carried out on me and my family.
I will take this organization to court, suggesting that it should change its name and from now on to be called “Association of Servant and Scum Serving the Client of the Prosecution – the Oligarch Ivo Prokopiev”. Or even better would be if you set up a new union and name it “Union of the Lavatory Cans, Used by Thievish Oligarchs”.
This scum’s cry means that I have chosen the right way. The fear that the prosecution may dare to launch an investigation against the frantic enrichment of the opinion makers, who serve the interests of “lambs’” and “donkeys’” heads [symbolic names of alleged oligarchic circles related to the Bulgarian judiciary, used by some media], is obvious. The prosecution should not delay even one more day and has to order the tax agency to review the profits and expenses of [Ana] Tsolova [journalist from the national private broadcaster NOVA TV] – in the same way it did with me and many citizens.
Unlike you and the criminals [Ivo Prokopiev and Ognyan Donev – former owner of Media Group Bulgaria] whom you represent and whom the prosecution has put under charges and have been taken to court for theft and hidden taxes for hundreds of millions, I have never been defendant, but I will continue to testify and reveal your arrogant robbery.
These days you will get to know what flashy apartments in downtown Sofia have been acquired by two journalists with unnatural sexual orientation from two national televisions and you will also find out that Mrs. Tsolova has acquired a tree-story palace in Sofia’s most expensive part of Sofia not by accident. My cause is never more scum and servants to use temporarily the title “journalist”.
 Prokopiev, you symbol of the thievish Bulgarian transition, stop using tools against me, do not hide like a mouse together with your crippled partner Ognyan Donev, and go and publicly bring back to the Bulgarian people and state the billions and enterprises you robbed with your criminal privatization. Ad last but not least – pay your multimillion taxes you owe to the treasury!
*The translation is unofficial and has been provided by the team of AEJ-Bulgaria. 

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