Residence programme for endangered journalists

The recently founded European Centre for Press and Media Freedom offers a new residence stay for threatened journalists. With its programme, the ECPMF brings professional journalists, which are not able to work without pressure in their home countries, to Germany to support their work.

More information on the Journalists in Residence programme.

The Journalists in Residence programme is open to journalists from all over Europe with a minimum of five years professional working experience. If put under pressure because of their journalistic work, they have the possibility to stay in Leipzig, both work at their own research, but also support the ECPMF in its work.
Travel and accommodation costs will be covered, the successful applicant will also receive a scholarship. However, the applicant must be both ready to speak about his/her own case to the European public and be able to travel back home after the stay. The residence programme is scheduled for 6 to 12 months, depending on the individual case.
Journalists can apply here for the programme, stating their current situation in the home country, their journalistic career and their plans to fulfill if chosen for the stay in Germany.
The European Centre for Press and Media Freedom has been established in June 2015. It is a pan-European organisation that has the goal to support the implementation of the European Charter on Freedom of the Press. The ECPMF is an organisation for journalists, among the founding members are different media organisations, for example SEEMO, the European Federation of Journalists and the Institute for European Media Law.

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