Reporting Grant from United Press International


United Press International is offering journalism students a grant to complete a reporting project. Broadcast students, photojournalists, radio reports, online text writers – everyone who is studying journalism is encouraged to apply.
From the website of UPI:
“If you (alone or with a team) pitch the strongest story idea, you’ll get $1,000 to pay for travel, data analysis software, freedom of information requests – anything you need to report and produce your story. You can even set aside some of the money to pay for your own time.
Once the story is accepted by editors, we’ll send another $500 your way as payment for work well done.”
Deadline is Sept. 26, 2011. All story pitches should be made through the contest home page on
For contact: E-mail UPIU Regional Director and Senior Mentor Krista Kapralos at [email protected]
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