Reporters in the Field: Grants for cross-border journalism

FEJReporterGraphicsmall_0Robert Bosch Stiftung offers grants for journalistic stories crossing European borders. Both individual journalists or teams can apply for funding to realise a creative story outside their home-country.

Apply here for Reports in the Field.

The programme focusses on journalists from East and South-East Europe as well as from German-speaking countries. There is no specific topic which needs to be covered in the story – what counts are storytelling passion, creativity and ideas for a story that leaves the conventional paths other journalists usually take. Most important is the aspect of crossing a border – journalists from the Eastern programme countries (find a list here) have to cover a story in one of the German-speaking partner countries, Austria, Germany or Switzerland and the other way round. Applications by international teams combining both regions are highly requested!
Each individual journalists can apply for a grant of maximum € 5,000 to realise the project. The grant is given to journalists to make it possible for them to work on-location, a quality that often gets lost in nowadays journalism. In addition to the money, successful applicants will also enjoy two workshops in Berlin, where they will discuss their story with fellows and professionals. For this, they need to hand in a project description with the possible route of travel as well as a detailed budget plan. The format of the story does not matter, but it is strongly advised that journalists already look for media to publish the story before applying for the grant. The story might be published in a language of choice, but all participants need to have a good oral and written knowledge of English to take part in the programme.
The Deadline to apply is October 02, 2015. The Reporters in the Field-grant is distributed regularly, the next round to apply will be in February 2016.

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