A dangerous rapprochement between media and politics in Bulgaria  has been observed in 2009-2010. This is one of the conclusions of a report, drafted by foundation „Media Democracy” in collaboration with foundation “Konrad Adenauer”. The report was presented at the annual conference “Media and Politics” .

According to the experts, politicians in Bulgaria have adapted their performance in a way to provide comfort to the media. Therefore, the political discourse was turned into a cliché, lacking any aggressive rhetoric or deep factual analysis. This tendency goes along with serious politicization of the media landscape. The reporters are becoming an entourage of the prime minister Boiko Borissov while he, himself, together with his ministers, often uses the media as a scene to announce their decisions or dismissals. We can even witness situations when political decisions are taken directly during a live broadcast.
The report also notes the personalization of Bulgarian politics, as the prime minister is presented not as an institution, but just as Boiko. According to the analysts, Boiko Borissov is a completely new phenomenon in the development of Bulgarian politics, as his career is completely founded on the media coverage. He counts neither on an old and authoritative party, nor on any historical relations with the country. In contrast, he relies only on the media for his own political rising.
Moreover, according to one of the opinions expressed at the conference, feminization of the Bulgarian journalism also has something to do with the active coverage on the personality of Boiko Borissov. Most of the journalists in Bulgaria are females, and if the dominating gender in the sector was the male, most probably Borissov would not turn into such a charismatic figure.
Most of the participants in the event, agreed on the argument that the political career of the prime minister was produced by the media. However, Borissov succeeds in keeping the whole media attention for a long period of time. He leads a constant political campaign even when there are no elections on the horizon. In addition, he manages to be in the spotlight by constantly announcing  scandals. As a result, the niche of the investigative journalism is occupied by the political parties, which seem to be carrying out investigations and then announce their results in the media.