Paris 2015: Young environmental journalists to cover climate conference

Dead Drought TreeThe UNDP is looking for young journalists to cover the UN-Convention on Climate Change COP21. From November 30 – December 11, 2015 the climate conference is goingto take place in Paris. It is awaited full of suspense, as it is expected to be a mile stone in solving the problem of the climate change when launching the successor of the Kyoto Protocol.

Apply here for the storytelling contest.

The United Nations Development Program is now looking for journalists of 35 years or younger who are sensible to the topic and have the ability to raise the public awareness about it. As climate changes is most challenging for development countries, only journalists working in such regions – defined as low and middle income countries according to the World Bank, among them Bulgaria – are eligible to apply (check the World Bank for a full list of countries). Participates can be freelance journalists, but need to prove regular contribution to local media. Also teams of max. three people are allowed to apply, but only one of them will be chosen to cover the conference.
The journalists will be selected during a public contest. For this, applicants have to submit a journalistic story (in English, however Spanish, Arabic, French and Chinese will be accepted when coming with a translation) related to the impact of climate change and ideas for solutions. The specific focus of the work might be chosen freely. The story needs to be published between August 24 and October 11, 2015. If the story is unpublished, it can only enter the contest with a letter of an editor confirming the planned date of publication. The story needs to have a minimum length of 600 words (1,000 max.) and include at least 5 pictures.
The deadline for the contest is October 11, 2015. More information on the selection criteria can be found here.

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