Murder is a criminal offense, not a reality show

The Association of European Journalists-Bulgaria calls on journalists not to increase the distress and suffering of relatives and acquaintances of victims when covering grave human tragedies, such as the recent murder of a child in Pomorie. We recall that this is not only a human duty, but also a fundamental principle of journalistic ethics.
Code of Ethics of the Bulgarian media:
„We will not add to the suffering of people, who have come under distress or have become the victim of a crime and we will deliver such information with compassion and restraint. We will respect people’s desire not to be disturbed in their grief.”
Regrettably, media coverage of the tragedy in Pomorie was turned into a reality show without regard for the immense family grief. The victim’s friends and loved ones were cornered by journalists during the funeral, images of the funeral ceremony were broadcast, photographs of the underage victim taken from the social network profiles of her loved ones were used in the media. This kind of information does not contribute to a better-informed society, but encourages a disrespectful breach of the private sphere and increases the suffering of all victims.
We call on journalists to show respect for the grief of relatives, but also for the profession they exercise, as well as for themselves as professionals.

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