Best practices for engaging citizens with fact-checking

Media Under Fire – Survey on Freedom of Speech in Bulgaria (2022)

Hate Speech. Not Just Words. A Guide for Journalists (2021)

Journalism without a Mask 2020 – Annual Survey Of Media Freedom in Bulgaria

Bulgaria in 2019 – Another Tough Year for the Free Press

CHILDREN AND THE MEDIA – A GuideBook On Ethical Reporting,2019

European Journalism Center – seminars, trainings, resources for journalists, actual media news.

International Center for Journalists promotes quality and independant journalism worldwide, organises online seminars, exchanges, scholarships and awards for journalists.

Dick Goldensohn Fund gives small grants covering research, reporting and travel costs to freelance journalists working on international stories.

European Fund for Investigative Journalism supports journalists, who have good ideas for cross-border research and for research on European affairs. Support for travels, translations and simply time for research can be granted.

Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting focuses on under-reported topics, promoting high-quality international reporting. Organises educational programs, provides travel grants to cover hard costs associated with upcoming travel for an international reporting project and travel grants to students at participating Campus Consortium schools

Robert Bosch Stiftung provides continuing education for journalists in the form of seminars, information tours, meetings, and research and study residencies.
Fund for Investigative Journalism supports investigative projects and books.

Thomson Reuters Foundation provides Reuters Training Programmes for journalists around the globe, and also training programmes for media organisations and courses for NGOs and others needing insights into improving their media relations.

BBC College of Journalism – the web site of the college is a platform for indepth discussions on media trends and journalism.

Earthjournalism establishes networks of environmental journalists in countries where they don’t exist, and builds their capacity where they do, through training workshops and development of training materials, support for production and distribution, and dispersing small grants.

Help me investigate contects journalists for investigation work. is the web site of Poynter Institute for journalism, where you can find useful discussion and advices for journalistic work.

Cartoonmovement is a publishing platform for high quality political cartoons and comics journalism. is a free portfolio resource that allows journalists, bloggers and writers to set up a customized profile page and showcase the best of their work.

The Bighow Handbook to Online Journalism is a free online resource for journalists, bloggers, citizen journalists and anyone else interested in online news.