Kristina Hristova: Journalists in Bulgaria started uniting and standing together against the destruction of media ethics

krisiDuring the last year media ethics in Bulgaria reached a new low, said the President of the Association of European Journalists – Bulgaria (AEJ-Bulgaria), Kristina Hristova, in an interview for the “Nedelya 150” talk-show broadcasted on the Bulgarian National Radio. According to her this is a logical outcome of the long-standing efforts of a certain circle of interest of oligarchs to turn the media in the country from an instrument of objective information served in the best interest of the society into an obedient servant to varying governments and business groups. “In order for that new role to be executed the media did not have to have any common ground with ethics and self-regulation.”, she added.
In her words those events led us to the imposition of the “magical journalism” where everything is possible, nothing is verifiable and there is no forbidden speech no matter the absence of evidences. Those magical abilities of some media proved to be precious for politicians who did not hesitate long before backing such anti-media entities through participation of celebrations they host.
Media was the main instrument of purposeful alteration of reality – a practice vastly exploited by certain oligarch circles of interest. Thus slowly and persistently they create a kind of a counter-reality where their opponents were presented as the villains through analogous roles. “On top of it they created a separate ethics code as if there is a way to replace or alter ethics.”, the Chairman of AEJ-Bulgaria said.
There is a clearly visible trend of escalation of hate speech in media. It became so widely acceptable that it jumped out of the populist circles straight into the National Assembly. Accompanied by the indifferent attitude of the Chairman – Tsetska Tsacheva, Kristina Hristova adds.
Among the positives from 2014 should be mentioned the unquestionable unification of the journalists’ society. Such a tendency should be attributed not only to the AEJ-Bulgaria but also to the Freedom of Speech Network that embodies journalists with proven qualities and morals. Another positive sign is the fact the two organizations joined and synchronized their efforts. “Real journalists, those that cannot be anything else rather than journalists, those that aspire to higher standards realized it can only be achieved through unification.”, Kristina Hristova explained.
Ms Hristova declared her full support for the newly elected Commission on Journalist Ethics. She hopes that the work of the people involved would prove fruitful and restore ethics in journalism back in their high place. According to her the newly selected members of the Commission are experienced professionals and experts and their efforts would restore the faith of the society in the true necessity of the existence of ethical media.

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