Journalist in urgent need of lifesaving operation

The Bulgarian journalist from the Bulgarian national radio Viktor Angelov needs an urgent lifesaving opration, reported BTV.
After an examination 10 days ago Viktor was diagnosed with “brain aneurism”. “This is a swollen blood cell, which can burst at any moment, and considering its size in my head any burst will be fatal, explained the journalist. At that moment, the size of the aneurism was 11 mm, but currently it has grown to 13 mm. The situation will become critical when the blood cell expands to 16 mm.
“The examinations showed that this aneurism is located in a very delicate place and therefore in this case the traditional operational intervention, including opening the skull and direct penetration in the brain is not applicable. Instead, more modern and quite more expensive methods are needed”, explained our colleague. The procedure requires a drain, which itsself costs EUR 6500, ass well as platinum chips, each of which costs EUR 1200.
“I can undergo the operation only when I collect the necessary money, and they are quite a lot, around 35 000 leva (around EUR 17 500), because the tools needed are not covered by the National health insurance fund. The operation is covered by the state, but the patient has to pay for the other expenses”, said Angelov.
If you have the opportunity and want to help the journalist:
Number of Victor Angelov’s bank account at CIBANK:
LEVA: BG25BUIB98884029347600
EUR: BG07BUIB98884429347600

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