Journalism competition: Reporting from Afghanistan

8427689531_f494e89346_oThe M4D Projects invites journalists and photographers to show the world that Afghanistan is way more than only a war-shaken country. It has a lot more to offer and those who look for them, will be able to find many stories worth telling.

Apply here for the M4D Afghanistan competition.

As only speaking about a country is always something different than researching and reporting on-the-scene, the M4D Media 4 Development Project provides funding to send a reporting team to Afghanistan in November 2015. One journalist and one photographer are supposed to form a team, travel to the country for one week and there realise a story to make the real Afghanistan visible.
Candidates need to apply as a team with one joint proposal (a template is provided). They have to outline the story they would like to cover, the specific angle they would take, potential interviewees and the role of the photographs. The winning team will be provided with financial aid for travel and accommodation as well as access to the project’s contacts in Afghanistan. The finished project will be published on the website of the BAAG British and Irish Agencies Afghanistan Group, in addition to that an exhibition of the photos will be organised. Media 4 Development is a project funded by the EU, BAAG are member of the project. Its aim is to support development journalism.
The competition is open to professional journalists with a minimum age of 25 years. They need to be residents of the European Union and be able to work in English. A background in reporting on development countries is strongly required. More criteria can be found here. The deadline is September 27, 2015. 
Photo: Ricymar Photography/Flickr

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