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InPerspective is a new global project willing to bring together journalists from all over the world. An online magazine will provide different views on socially relevant topics to overcome the borders of national media.
It took the founders more than a year to realize their idea: A magazine that provides global perspectives on questions preoccupying the society. Now, in August 2015, they finally published their first edition, providing articles from Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America in several languages.

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On InPerspective, readers will not find daily news, but articles focussing on a specific topic, a so-called perspective. For the beginning, the main emphasis is put on migration. And the magazine reaches its goal of a global view: A world map is the core of the web-page, stories come from Egypt, the Ivory Coast and Armenia as well as from Western European regions.
The diverse points of view guarantee for surprising approaches and interesting twists. A report from Bucharest portrays not the many Romanians going abroad, but Spaniards who came to settle there and their reasons to do so. Another story introduces the reader to the Syrian business boom in Jordan that came with the refugees who fled their country and bring a completely new turn to the economy in Amman. Not all stories are related to the first perspective. The regions-section gives journalists the possibility to write about other topics of international interest. Here, InPerspective started for example with articles on poverty in Bolivia and the everlasting changes of Instanbul, a town of constant transformation.
Published formats are as diverse as their authors, written articles can be found next to video reports. But not only journalistic contributions are part of the project – every perspective will be complemented by an artistic work, for example a comic or a fictional story. To make InPerspective a proper project causing borders to disappear, all contributions are published in as many languages as possible with the help of a team of translators.
To widen the perspectives, the project is constantly looking for new authors to join. Journalists are free to chose their topic, however, it is nice if they are inspired by one of the recent topics (resources and death are planned as upcoming perspectives, others can be suggested by the journalists and users). Also the language of the contribution can be chosen freely.
So far, interested journalists are not paid, but this is one of the biggest aims of the founders, mostly being journalists themselves and therefore knowing that quality journalism needs to be financially rewarded. Donations to the magazine as highly welcome, a crowdfunding campaign will be launched soon. Nonetheless, the content will always be free as the project aim is to be as accessible as possible to everyone.
Still, the project is even now interesting for journalists. On InPerspective they do not only have the possibility to reach a completely new public due to the translations, but mainly can be part of a valuable network of journalists, readers and translators from all over the world.

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