Grant to support stories on freedom of expression and the European Center for Press and Media Freedom are supporting European journalists in producing stories about press freedom violations. Journalists can now apply for a grant to have the possibility to work on their piece.

Apply here for the FoX Grant.

Even though freedom of expression is legally part of all European constitutions, the reality looks different. In many European countries it is no rare occurrence that journalists are impeded in their work, are not allowed to publish a certain information and are even threatened just for doing their job. And those stories need to be heard.
The FoX Freedom of Expression Grant will give journalists the possibility to document cases where the freedom of expression was violated. As often no money is made available for such stories, the grant provides € 10,000 in total to individual journalists or teams from Europe willing to uncover the infringement of freedom of expression in their country.
Applicants have to submit a summary of the planned research, a budget plan and and a letter of intent of publication. A jury will chose the most promising candidates and distribute the money among them. The deadline is September 15, 2015.

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