Free online course on the Olympic Games and the media

4378452948_c9e9fdcdf5_oHow is the myth of the Olympic Games created by the media? This is one of the many questions a free online course of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona will try to answer. The Olympic Games are nowadays more than just a simple sports event – filled with symbols and huge ceremonies, a myth exists around the games.

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During the last decades, the Olympic Games became one of the biggest media events in the world. Global live streams are contributing to the legendary status of this event. How this is done exactly will be explained in a five-week long online university course promoted by the Olympic Studies Centre in Barcelona. Different teachers will introduce participants to the basic structures of the Modern Olympic Games and will then pass on to media mechanisms in reporting about the games, like the language of the media or the presentation of the ceremonies. Other topics will be the use of social media and the founding of the event by television.
The free course will last from October 19 to December 13, 2015. During that time, videos will be posted which the participants have to see. There are also texts to read which are available for free for the participants. Up to three hours per week are estimated for students to take the seminar. Small tests can be taken weekly and successful candidates have the possibility to gain a certificate stating that they completed this class. There is no special background required, but the course can be helpful for jour covering the Olympic Games or other big sports events. The course can be taken in English or Spanish, the complete schedule is already available.
Photo: kris krüg/flickr

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