Fellowships available for fisheries stories

The Earth Journalism Network has established a Fellowship programme that invites European journalists to apply for financial support to cover the cost of investigating, producing and disseminating a journalistic story on European fisheries to be published by late November, 2012. 

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis from journalists working in Europe in any media format – print, radio, TV or electronic. Journalists may choose the topic, issues and angles they wish to focus on, as long as they are related to fisheries in the EU or member countries and there is a commitment from a media outlet to publish or broadcast the resulting story within the specified time frame.
The stories can be produced in any European language, but the application form have to be filled out in English to the best of your ability. Criteria for selection will include the relevance of a potential story to current European debates on fisheries, to what extent it brings in new information and coverage, and the size and influence of a story’s potential audience. Stories that reach new audiences not necessarily familiar with fisheries will be viewed with favor. In addition to working with the mainstream media, EJN encourages pitches that include innovative ideas on how to communicate and disseminate stories on fisheries to a wide-ranging audience across Europe and the rest of the world, for instance ideas that utilise social media and multi- media, will be given particular attention.
EJN is planning to award 10 stipends averaging 1,000EUR to support reporting that will be completed by the end of November.
More on:  EJN website.

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