Farewell to a year like no other

A year like none other. There is hardly a better way to explain 2020 – a year of sharp changes, uncertainty, insecurity and a feeling of loss. A loss of what we have considered to be “normal” in our private and professional lives. A loss of time horizons and plans for the future. Sometimes, а feeling that the ground is slipping out from under our feet. And, sadly, for many – the loss of loved ones. 

This year, it seems hard to feel the holiday spirit or take stock of our missteps and achievements. But we have to admit that, despite everything it took from us, 2020 also gave us a lot – mostly in the shape of lessons learned. We discovered our ability to change faster than anyone could ever have imagined. We learned that sometimes caring for and taking responsibility for others is more important than our own dreams, plans and ambitions. We found out the hard way that everything is relative. And that even if we are divided, there is always a way to stand together. 

Thank you for choosing to learn alongside us in these challenging times when, at certain moments, giving up has seemed easier than carrying on. Your support has given us the strength and confidence to make brave new changes and to keep on following our mission, despite all the hardships. 

Our mission remains the same – to defend free, independent journalism in Bulgaria. We are not in this alone but as part of a community, a community where you belong as well.

Stay safe and hopeful!

We wish you warm holidays and a happier 2021!

Association of European Journalists – Bulgaria


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