Council of Europe launches an Internet platform to protect journalism and journalists’ safety

FreedomThe Council of Europe has just lauched –in co-operation with five partner organisations among which is the Association of European Journalists (AEJ)– an Internet platform aimed at protecting journalism and promoting the safety of journalists. The platform aims to improve the protection of journalists, better address threats and violence against media professionals and foster early warning mechanisms and response capacity within the Council of Europe.
Via the platform, the partner organisations –Article 19, the Association of European Journalists, the European Federation of Journalists, the International Federation of Journalists and Reporters Without Borders– will issue alerts concerning media freedom threats and will bring them to the attention of the Council of Europe institutions. In a case submitted by partners, they can update on the platform any action or progress taken by the respective national organisations or institutions.
AEJ-Bulgaria, as a local section of AEJ, starts collecting alerts from Bulgaria. If you or your fellow colleagues experience any of the following threats and violations, please report it to us via a special contact form on our website. By definition we are looking for cases such as:
1. Attacks on physical integrity of journalists
2. Harassment of journalists
3. Impunity
4. Threats to journalists sources
5. Acts having chilling effects on media freedom
6. Other
The success of this initiative will depend on real improvements in governments’ respect for free expression and free media. “This why we encourage the citizens to be active in reporting violations against freedom of speech, whenever they witness them”, said Kristina Hristova, President of AEJ-Bulgaria.

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