Censorship shall not be met with counter measures of the same origin

Ukraine’s decision to portray journalists as national security threat threatens freedom of speech in the country and the fragile balance after the war.
The Association of European Journalists-Bulgaria (AEJ-Bulgaria) is surprised to learn of the decision of the Ukrainian authorities to restrict the access to the country of journalist Elena Yoncheva. Yoncheva has a reputation of experienced and proven professional in our country and in any event shall not fall within the same category of journalists as the other Bulgarian that is on the list and that has a political career as a MP from the pro-Russian party “Ataka”.
Restrictive measures against journalists shall definitely arouse worry and shall have no place within the European system of values and rules for maximum transparency.
Although we are aware that Ukraine is involved in info war with its powerful neighbor, we firmly declare that the answer to censorship shall not be counter-censorship and nor the answer to propaganda shall be counter-propaganda.
Through the Embassy of Bulgaria in Kiev and the local branch of the AEJ, AEJ-Bulgaria calls on the Ukrainian authorities to review their decision on Elena Yoncheva.

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