Chronicles of the Infodemic

Pseudoscientific Theses and the Responsibility of the Media

One of the most important advantages that supporters of the COVID-19 vaccination have is the fact that the specialists and the scientific and medical communities are on their side.

“Pregnant women should not get vaccinated.” Is that really the case?

През последните две седмици водещи здравни и професионални акушеро-гинекологични организации актуализираха препоръките си за ваксиниране на бременни, акцентирайки, че не само е безопасно, но е желателно бременните да се ваксинират срещу COVID-19 поради повишената опасност от тежко протичане на инфекцията при тях.

How the West blamed social media for vaccine disinformation

Are we overestimating the effects of online misinformation? Can fighting misinformation defeat the resistance to vaccination of millions of people throughout the world?

COVID-19 has killed more Bulgarians than World War II. Why do so many people still fail to see the threat?

It is well known that numbers, no matter how high they are, do not have an emotional impact on us. We perceive them as just another statistic unless we can relate them to something we know.

It is not the vaccines but the virus that can cause reproductive problems

A British study from March 2021, cited by Euronews, shows that about a quarter of young women do not want to be jabbed because they are worried about their fertility.

­How does disinformation work?

Успееш ли незабелязано да посееш зрънце на съмнение (или нова идея), то може да завземе съзнанието и да промени възгледите и поведението на хората.

QAnon: All Roads Lead to Global Conspiracy

On September 21, 2019 a Facebook user under the name of Gillar Anastasova Rumiana shared the following information: “Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and the American President Donald Trump are two servants of the Rothschild family (Satan’s Red Shield)... Many of you know that it is common knowledge that every time Donald Trump declares bankruptcy, Rothschild pays the bill.”

Fighting the Virus With Folk Remedies

Many people see SARS-CoV-2 as just another virus. And if it’s just another virus, then grandma’s classic remedies should work, right?

Under the Mask of Disinformation

The issue of wearing protective masks has been on the agenda since the beginning of the pandemic: Should we cover our face or not? Under what circumstances?

COVID-19: The Myth of Paid Patients

You must have heard the rumour. Surely you know someone whose colleague experienced it first-hand. The information always comes “from a very reliable source” whom your friend trusts fully.

Cure or Poison?

In times of a global health crisis equated with a war, the world is rapidly trying to find out as much as it can about the unknown enemy: the novel coronavirus.

Primum non nocere. On the Virus and Ethics

By Ivan Radev Ivan Radev is a journalist with more than ten years of experience working for Bulgarian and foreign media. He...

When Disinformation Turns Into Politics

След четири години на власт управленските похватите на Тръмп не са тайна за никого: той ръководи една от най-развитите икономики и демокрации в света в стил „реалити шоу“, бълвайки едно скандално изказване след друго, в люта борба с традиционните медии, които отразяват критично работата му.

The Pandemic Changed the World. Coincidence? Bulgarians Don’t Think So

One-third of Bulgarians are afraid of black cats, broken mirrors, and Friday the 13th, according to a 2018 survey by the Sofia-based polling agency Trend.

This Is Just a Flu

Въпреки първоначалните хипотези, че SARS-CoV-2 е поредният коронавирус, предизвикващ сезонно респираторно заболяване, след значителните проблеми с лечението на тежко болните науката потърси отговорите в други посоки.