Bulgaria drops in the Freedom House ranking for freedom of speech

47522Bulgarian media continue to be only partially free, as shown by the 2014 ranking of the non-governmental organization Freedom House. The country’s position drops to the 78th place as opposed to last year when the country was listed as 77th.
The grade awarded to freedom of speech in Bulgaria amounts to 39 points, where the ranking varies between 0 points for the countries with most media freedom and 100 points go to those who rank worst in this criterion. Freedom of speech at home is compared to the one in countries like India, Antigua, Barbuda and Salvador, who have also earned 39 points in the updated Freedom House Report.
Freedom of expression in the media has reached a record low in the last 10 years, as shown by the results of the research. This is partially due to violence against journalists in the Middle East. Only one in seven people of the general population of the world lives in a place where the media are classified as free. The part of the population who live in a non-free media environment is much bigger (44%). In 42% of the places in the world the media are classified as partially free.

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