Apply for European Youth Media Days in Brussels

unnamedEuropean Youth Press, the network of young media makers, is inviting journalists under 30 to apply for the upcoming European Youth Media Days 2015. This year’s conference will focus on media freedom in Europe. Even though the freedom of the press is embedded in most European constitutions, it is not granted everywhere. Human rights activists and journalists are still fighting for this right, which is a basic condition for democracy, in many corners of Europe.

Apply here for the European Youth Media Days 2015.

Young European journalists, aged 18 to 30 years and with a strong interest in the topics named above are requested to apply for the media days which will be held in Brussels between October 20 and 22, 2015. In cooperation with the European Parliament, 77 journalists have the possibility to take part in media workshops or get involved in discussions with high-level European politicians. In addition, every participant will produce a report on the seminar’s topic through a medium of his or her choice.
The European Parliament will reimburse travelling costs. In addition to that, a lump sump might be paid to journalists or journalism interns and students to cover accommodation, local transport and meals. The workshop is free for chosen participants. The application form has to be sent by August 16, 2015 and needs to include two samples of journalistic work.

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