AEJ-Bulgaria is looking for examples of both high-quality and pseudo journalism in 2011

Which are the journalistic pieces of work that manipulate the public opinion in favour of the public powers or in favour of individual intеrests? And which are the articles that focus on original and socially important issues, showing thinking out of the box? These are the questions that the Association of European Journalists – Bulgaria (AEJ) is eager to answer by ranking the examples of high-quality journalism and those that represent the worst practices in the field of journalism in 2011.Our team would like to ask all colleаgues, media experts and readers that have opinion on the strong and the weak aspects of the Bulgarian media in 2011, to nominate particular articles or institutions. There is a total of six categories, both positive and negative. Your nominations will be the basis upon which AEJ-Bulgaria will prepare the ranking of the best and the worst examples of  the Bulgarian media in 2011. The deadline is the 1st of February 2011.
The positive categories are:
1. Journalistic pieces of work, which have the power to build up the social dialogue.
2.  Articles based on original topics, which have been kept from the media spotlight. The aim of this category is to encourage the journalists who look for topics off the beaten track despite the lack of resources and the limited time due to the crisis in the media sector. Those professionals who haven’t lost the drive for bringing up to the public attention variety of questions and topics.
3.  Outstanding contribution for sustaining high standards in the Bulgarian media sector. We would like to ask you to choose a particular media, person or institution by clearly pointing out your arguments.
The negative categories are:
1.  Pieces of journalistic work in favor of the public powers and/or particular business interests
2. Articles violating the ethic code of journalism and / or are offensive to particular groups of people.
3. Outstanding contribution for deteriorating the Bulgarian media sector. Again we would like to ask you to choose a certain media, person or institution by clearly pointing out your arguments.
If you like to take part in the ranking of AEJ-Bulgaria by sending us your opinion, please write to [email protected].

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