AEJ calls for complete ban on RT propaganda

The AEJ today calls for an EU-wide ban on RT, which has played a key part in spreading lies and endorsing “false flag” that ensured confusion over Vladimir Putin’s aggression against Ukraine, and in general seeking to weaken Western democracies which Ukraine wishes to join.

The statement in full reads: “The Ukraine war is blatantly that of falsehood against truth, launched by a murderous  dictatorship and its satrapies to wreck Western democracies. Russia Today, now wordlwide, has already been banned by Germany. It should immediately by blocked, and its “journalists” removed by all EU members. Ex-politicians like ex-German chancellor Gerhard Schröder working for the Kremlin should be subjected to the same sanctions as Putin’s circle and Russian banks.

“Together with all independent journalists, the AEJ denounces Russia’s brutal suppression of independent news media working in Russia. It will continue to expose wherever possible Russian fake news and bombardment by its armies of trolls. But, if anything, the aggression in Ukraine has strengthened its and other democracies’ belief in the rule of law and what is just as essential to that: free, independent news media.”


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