AEJ-Bulgaria promotes professional contacts across Europe

AEJ Bulgaria would like to encourage Bulgarian journalist to make more contacts with colleagues across Europe. The idea is to build up a database with profiles of Bulgarian journalists which will be categorized by the area of their expertise.  AEJ Bulgaria will distribute that data among similar international platforms and journalistic associations.
Participants can join the initiative by sending a brief description of their professional experience, their area of expertise, working languages and contacts to this email: [email protected]. Published materials in foreign languages are also welcomed.
It should be written in a working foreign language and be up to 1500 characters.  The categories include Business and Economics, Civil Society, Energy, Agriculture, Health and Social Affairs,  Media Sector, World, Education, Science and Culture, Environment, Justice and Human Rights, Domestic Policy, Regional development, EU funds and Technology.
Everybody can join the database and the Association of European Journalists, Bulgaria cannot be held responsible for the content of the profiles published by the journalists. In cases of signals for misinformation the profile will be excluded from the platform.

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