AEJ Bulgaria launches a platform for Open Data

AEJ Bulgaria starts the first open data platform in Bulgaria with the goal to help journalists and civil society organizations in their research and investigations.

What are the Open Databases?

The Open Databases include different types of statistical information, sociological analyses, lists and maps, which can be linked and analysed for the purposes of the investigative work of the journalists in Bulgaria. All the data provided by the administration which shows the results of the central and local governance in practice is of special importance.

The data published in the Open Databases is gathered voluntarily, by free access or according to the rules of the Access to Public Information Act. AEJ-Bulgaria does not publish non –official information or data, provided by anonymous sources.

The Open Data platform is built on information provided voluntarily by NGO, public administration and journalists. The data, included in it: may be gathered from official sources under the forms of lists; may already exists in the public space, but to be difficult to find and not structured, or may be provided under the Access to Public Information Act. AEJ-Bulgaria will not publish data that is based on rumours or provided by anonymous sources

What's New