AEJ-Bulgaria kicks off its third national survey on the freedom of speech in Bulgaria

new1-1024x385How would the Bulgarian journalists appraise the media environment in Bulgaria, their own independence and the conditions in which they work? These are some of the questions set by the third consecutive national online survey on the freedom of speech in Bulgaria, conducted by the AEJ-Bulgaria for the period 19 June – 20 July 2015.
Traditionally, the survey covers problem areas such as internal and external pressure on the media, self-censorship, working conditions. Its purpose is to establish the state of journalism and the quality of the media environment in Bulgaria in the context of freedom of speech.
Professional journalists will be able to complete the survey on AEJ-Bulgaria’s website (click here to access the survey page) and their anonymity will be fully guaranteed. The information collected will only be used in aggregate form for all participants. A solid protection against possible online attacks and fraud attempts is also provided.
The deadline for participation is July 20 inclusive. The survey results will be presented in September at a public debate on the topic.
This survey is part of the “Мediator” project of AEJ-Bulgaria, conducted with the support of America for Bulgaria Foundation.

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