AEJ-Bulgaria holds a conference on innovative journalism


Innovative Journalism 3_NHow does digital technology serve investigative journalism? Can we process, analyze and visualize large amounts of data and turn them into stories without having a dedicated IT training? Why is it important to check carefully the information received from social networks users and how to distinguish authentic information from viral rumours?
Leading international journalists and Bulgarian experts will answer those questions as part of the “Innovative journalism: Data processing, digital tools for journalistic investigations and verification of social media content” conference. The event will be held on June 30 in “Betahaus Sofia”, located on 56-58 Krum Popov str. Organizer of the event is the Association of European Journalists-Bulgaria (AEJ-Bulgaria) in partnership with “Friedrich Naumann” Foundation and “America for Bulgaria” Foundation.
The event will be split into two parts: discussion and practical exercises. As part of the discussion our guests – Paul Radu and Jacopo Ottaviani, would share their experience with innovative tools in journalism. Radu is a Romanian journalist and lecturer, member of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists. Jacopo Ottaviani is an Italian journalist, participant in the data project “Migrant Files”, which won the European Press Prize for 2015 in the category “Innovation”. Guest of the event will be also a Belgian journalist – Christoph Kleriks, who is involved in the Luxleaks investigation, as a result of which the names of 35 multinational companies involved in tax evading schemes became known.
In the second part of the conference the attendees will have the opportunity to learn practical skills in working with digital technologies with the assistance of experienced Bulgarian experts. There are three separate workshops: data encryption, which ensures protection of sources of information, which would be led by one of the founders of the investigative journalism website “Bivol” – Atanas Chobanov; organizing tools management, analysis and data visualization with Dimitar Dimitrov from the website; and verification of social networks content led by Konstantina Vasileva, a media analyst.
The conference is suitable for journalists as well as communication experts, students in journalism, representatives of the NGO sector and also civil society activists who are excited by the latest trends in digital media.