AEJ-Bulgaria express deep sorrow about the death of our Italian colleague Marcello Palumbo

The Bulgarian section of AEJ expresses its condolences to our Italian colleagues on the passing of Marcello Palumbo, founder of AEJ. We agree that the best way to commemorate this great person is to work harder and to be more united on international and national level in the frame of AEJ. Let’s do our best in pursuing the ideas that the founders of the association wanted to become reality.
Marcello Palumbo, founder of AEJ, died on Saturday 10 September in Rome. He was 91 and still active in the association, not only in his Italian section but also in the international AEJ.
In November 2010, during the Annual Congress/General Assembly in Ordu (Turkey), Marcello gave his view and guidance about how to organise the 50th Anniversary of the AEJ in 2012. From now on the AEJ has to miss his critical but always constructive opinions regarding the functioning and the aims of the association.

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